Suburban Descriptive Writing

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Rough Draft #3 “Y’all stay away from the road!” yelled my step-dad. That’s what my family and I heard from standing in the field off the highway in the middle of humid Florida. The transmission on our burgundy suburban had gone out. My step-dad thought he could fix it with his mechanic background, but he couldn’t. I said, “Call a tow truck! Call a tow truck! I’m getting eaten alive by the mosquitoes.” About thirty minutes later, my parents finally took my advice and called a tow truck. This was when my sister and I learned to get along with our step-brother.
It was a hot, humid sunny Florida July afternoon when the transmission went out. We were on our way back from Cape Canaveral to watch the launch of the last NASA space shuttle go to space. It was a long drawn out drive because my family thought we had to stop and see every little tourist spot. All I wanted to do was get home. We made it about five miles outside of Lake City, Florida, and I thought we were stopping again to see a tourist spot. Little did I Know that an hour later, our suburban was in the shop waiting to get worked on. We were dropped off by our tow truck driver at the Best Western with nothing but our suitcases.
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Since we were stranded at the hotel for three days, we were forced by our parents to be nice to each other. We decided that it was best to not talk to each other because there was bound to be some things that shouldn 't be said. After one day of being cooped up, we couldn 't take the silence anymore. We ended up cracking jokes and play games with everyone. Every time after our parents told us to do something, Jake would always say “real talk.” It was the best said on that whole trip because we 'd gone delusional by not being home for 2 weeks. We realized that Jake wasn 't so bad after
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