Summary Anne Warren's Argument Against Abortion

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In my paper I am discussing the debate of abortion in terms of induced, which is the intentional termination of pregnancy through drugs or surgery, and therapeutic, that is the abortion performed to preserve the life and health of the mother. In this paper, I take a strong stance against the acceptance of abortion both legally and socially. The main arguments used against pro-life (support for the abolishment of abortion), is based on the valuing of life. To those who are pro-choice (liberals, etc.), argue that it is the woman’s choice to decide whether or not to have an abortion based on the grounds of valuing her life. Her life in the present, and her life in the future, as maybe having a child can hinder her future goals, and plans. Or perhaps there’s a fear that by having…show more content…
Life of both the mother, and the life within her. Without taking away the argument of valuing the life of the potential mother herself, I use this argument to argue against the practice of abortion. I conclude three main points to support this claim. I. In response to Marry Anne Warren’s argumentative discussion, “Personhood Argument for Abortion,” and Judith Jarvis Thomson’s similar discussion, “A Defence of Abortion,” I point out further that their ideas of personhood is morally wrong and discriminatory. II. There are underlying medical and social consequences during, and after having an abortion. III. I propose my own ethical and political theory that the legalization of abortion itself is a political motive by the government to rid of their responsibilities to these potential mothers. To conclude, I focus on the importance of why it is important to consider these premises, as well as why it is also important to take a look at the other issues that have led to why a woman/girl would be considering an abortion, and why incest and rape is a reoccurring
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