Summary Of A Separate Peace By John Knowles

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The realistic fictional novel,A Separate Peace by John Knowles is set at a all boys boarding school called Devon.The setting reveals many different things about the characters in the novel. The setting of A Separate Peace reveals Gene to be an Jealous,Intelligent,and Insecure young man.Jealousy plays a major part in Gene and Finny’s friendship.There are a lot of different things in the novel that Gene has on Finny throughout their friendship.Through the relationship between Gene and Finny is read on page 25 chapter 2 where it says,”It was hypnotism.I was beginning to see that Finny could get away with anything.I couldn’t help envying him that a little,which was perfectly normal.There was no harm in envying even your best friend a little.” This indicates that Gene was somewhat jealous Finny and that their relationship could last without any fights.Because of Finny being the best

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