Summary Of Abortion Should Not Be Restricted By Diana Brown

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According to Gale, an online library, defines abortion as “a medical or surgical procedure that ends a pregnancy” (Abortion). The ethnic issues behind abortion that has been going on for many years. The woman’s right to abortion has created such turmoil around the world because it goes against people’s religious beliefs. It is also seen as the murder of a human. In the articles, “Abortion Should Be Legal” by Stephen Currie and “Abortion Should Not Be Restricted” by Diana Brown, both authors agree that abortion should not be illegal and considered as an acceptable practice by society. Two articles, by Pope John Paul II and by Raymond J. Adamek, these men feel that abortion is not morally correct and is murder. Even though abortion has become a common procedure in America, one still asks if abortion …show more content…

As a representative for humanism at the United Nations, Brown claims that abortion should remain legal because with the banning of abortions women will use unsafe ways to have the procedure. According to Brown, “Nearly half of those abortions (20 million) are medically unsafe, resulting in the deaths of nearly 80,000 women a year and a much larger number suffering infection, injury, and trauma,” (Brown). Brown believes that making abortion illegal will not put an end to abortions, which is an honest statement. In general, Brown believes that if the government spent more money in programs that taught sex education and the practice of safe sex, then the amount of abortions would decrease. Raymond J. Adamek, a professor at Kent State University, feels that abortion should not be legal. He started his article, “Abortion Should Be Illegal”, by stating that most of the American citizens do not support Roe’s policy. He claims that the case Roe v. Wade were based on lies. Adamek also goes on to bring forth misconceptions about

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