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Historically speaking, the collective enterprise we now know as African American or black literature is of rather recent vintage. In fact, the strong presence of African American literature has paved the way for the emergence of Native American, Asian American, and Chicano American streams of literature. African-American literature - produced in the United States by writers of African descent, begins with the works of 18th-century writers.
Toni Morrison - a novelist who had set her fiction in key periods of black U.S. history, had dedicated her literary career to ensure that blacks experiencing slavery would not be left to the interpretation solely at the dictates of whites. The discrimination that continues to be the African American experience has brought forth in Morrison one of the most significant voices of her race and age. One does not have to be black to realize that slavery was a holocaust, or to empathize with the suffering of the generations who were worn down, physically and mentally. Reaction to the injustice and abuse inflicted upon the members of black race, can be nothing but loathing and horror. And reaction to their valour can be nothing but respect.

In this commentary, I propose to show that, in her novel Beloved, Morrison makes the reader become aware of the psychological damage done to the African American people by the brutal inhumanity that constituted American slavery. The

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