Summary Of Chapter 17 Freedom Boundaries At Home And Abroad

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Chapter 17 – Freedoms Boundaries, at Home and Abroad The Populist Platform Elizabeth Beeman History 207B - 73339 Also known as the People’s Party, in 1892 The Populist Platform sought for reforms to our Nation which they saw as being on the verge of ruin, caused by political and economic inequality. Corruption in government was rampant. People were demoralized by the conditions they found themselves in. It became necessary for voting in most States to take place in protected areas where the ballot boxes would not be stuffed, voters would not be intimidated and bribery could be held at bay. Because newspapers were largely subsidized they did not favor echoing public opinion. Those seeking to work were denied protection they could find in organized labor. Imported labor of unskilled workers, willing to work for lower wages, compromised their livelihoods. Militias had been established to quell the unrest of the people and to prevent demonstrations, upon risk of death. The Populist movement contended that a government of the people could only exist through brotherly love, force was not the solution. …show more content…

Inflated, false concerns over tariffs drown out the voices of the people shifting focus from the oppressions of corporations, banks, and the demonetization of silver. Vast fortunes had been built upon the back of the poor and downtrodden polarizing in two classes, tramps and millionaires. Populists contended the rich were willing to destroy the majority in order to protect their funds. Conditions were so dire and concerns so high they questioned whether the Nation could survive under the status

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