Summary Of Defends Slavery By Thomas R Dew

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In the letter by Thomas R. Dew, “Defends Slavery” his first acknowledgement is that slavery is wrong. People as we know now will not accept slavery in our humanity, but in 1832 it was normal, as there were hundreds of thousands of slaves. Nothing in our old or New Testament stated that slavery was wrong, and not allowed. Dew goes on to state people like Abraham, Isaac, and “patriarchs” themselves had slave, meaning it was ok. He understands that slavery did consist of cruel and uncivilized masters of slaves, especially talks about how the cruel ones were most often than not the unaccustomed ones. In the bad there was also good, he uses an example of a happy salve, which there was that did not know any better and was treated fairly, whom grew …show more content…

Calhoun talks in his speech, “Slavery a Positive Good”, as his main point to be that people become what they are by other people, helping or aiding from one another. He explains although visual and physical differences, combine the two together provide wealth for both parties. He states that in history the wealthy of one group is led by the labor of the other, in fact working together for civilized society. Calhoun of the end of the speech also speaks about the good life certain slaves lived with there masters. Although slaves, some of the people were living in far better conditions compared to poorhouses that others lived in. Therefor a positive thing for a …show more content…

Not obtaining the intellectual capacity as a normal white man or women. Fitzhugh states, “we presume the maddest abolitionist does not thing the negro’s providence of habits and money-making capacity at all compare to those of the whites”, meaning that they are not able to ever be or even compare to be like the whites. The white is far more superior in every way. Allowing them to live among the whites is almost a blessing according to him. Saving them from the cruel slavery in Africa, “or from idolatry and cannibalism”. Instead they are slaves but in a much better environment they would never be able to have back home. He goes on to explain how the southern master are much better and civil to the slaves than the north, and have boundaries compare to the north, like work hours. In all Fitzhugh and the other white men are doing the negros a favor to letting them have white

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