Summary Of For Giants 2 Wins And 2 Pink Slips

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In one of The New York Times’ most recent articles “For Giants, 2 Wins and 2 Pink Slips” Bill Pennington supports the recent dismissal of two highly paid personnel of the New York Giants organization. Pennington justifies the organization's decision by explaining that the two men fired, head coach Ben McAdoo and general manager Jerry Reese, were both inexperienced and did a very poor job recruiting as well as communicating within their organization. He also notes specifics such as the Giants’ historically terrible record, minimal amount playoff berths, and the recent benching of their star quarterback Eli Manning as proof of the two’s work being unpleasing. In addition, Pennington quotes specifically from Giants’ team president, John Mara, throughout the article which gives insight on how the Giants’ ownership made the final decision. The …show more content…

The essay’s opening draws the reader to the text by generalizing the Giants’ organization as initially a “cocky group.” The article is a persuasive essay with a judgemental tone, shown by Pennington’s strict criticism of both McAdoo and Reese. Pennington first informs the reader on the firing of the head coach and general manager. The author then argues that the two individuals were rightfully expelled by the organization. The author backs up his claim with three main sub-claims including the two’s lack of job experience, poor job “performance” and weak communication skills which show that the Giants’ ownership make the right move is removing the two. Furthermore, Pennington connects the Giants’ lack of success in the recent years directly to decisions that both men made, despite them being handed a great team when they first became a part of the organization. The author also includes quotes for the team’s president that supports his

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