Summary Of Forgotten Fire By Adam Bagdasarian

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Not many people could escape the Armenian Genocide, especially on their own at age 14 after the rest of their family had been kidnapped or killed in front of their eyes. But Vahan Kenderian did in Forgotten Fire, by Adam Bagdasarian, a historical novel, the main character Vahan goes from being a child to a man throughout the story.
Nothing in life can be taken for granted because it could be gone in a second. The main character, Vahan, had a very good life before the genocide, a top class house and a family that cared for him and loved him and was rather wealthy, but he learns how quickly that can all disappear. When the Armenian Genocide began Vahan did not understand what was going on and why Armenians were being taken. His family members reassured him that it was nothing to be worried about and that they were all going to be safe, and Vahan tried his hardest to believe them. It wasn't until the Turkish government came to take Vahan's home to take away his …show more content…

After Vahan and his brother make an escape from where their family was being held, Vahan doesn't really know what to do. But when Vahan and his brother Sisak get split up on their way to safety that Vahan starts to transition into a young adult. When Vahan lost his brother on their escape he didn't know what to do at first, but he did the smart thing and ran to his near by friend’s house. Vahan understood the risk he was taking, the family could have already been taken or killed, but he had no other option and he went for it. Vahan lucked out, the family was home and very understanding, they took him in and gave him food. His stay wasn’t long, the family had to ask him to leave for their safety. Vahan understood and left. Vahan journies through a few different places to stay, but he can’t risk staying anywhere too long. Vahan finds his brother Sisak, but it was too late, after Vahan takes short care of him his brother passed

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