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During the Armenian genocide, which began in Turkey in 1915, the Ottoman government systematically murdered 1.5 million Armenians. In the historical novel, Forgotten Fire, by Adam Bagdasarian, the story of how young Vahan Kenderian survived the Armenian genocide is told. Twelve-year-old Vahan is forced to grow up at an alarming rate. He experiences tremendous loss and grief in a short span of time. Despite all of his troubles, Vahan is able to resist succumbing to his fears and never loses the hope that one day he will be safe again. Vahan’s resilience and ability to adapt to new situations is what helped him survive the Armenian genocide.
Vahan shows that he is able to adapt to new situations when he is sent to work in Selim Bey’s stable. …show more content…

Altoonian, Vahan learns that Mrs. Altoonian secured him a job in the stables of the ex-governor of Van. He is shocked to learn that this man is living in his old house. To Vahan and most Armenians, Selim Bey is evil. He is known by many as “the butcher of Armenians” or “the horseshoer of Bashkale” (108). He is given this name because of his method of punishment which involves nailing horseshoes to the feet of his captured Armenians. The next morning, Vahan is greeted by Selim Bey’s assistant and is told of what his job entails. He is to keep the stable clean and dry and to clean up after the horses. He will be fed and watered twice a day, and ee is to stay in the stable all day and night. Above all, he is to never step foot in the house. Being all alone in a stable 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as a twelve-year-old by is a challenge. With no one to keep him company, Vahan does struggle to not become lonely. Despite this, Vahan …show more content…

Eventually, one of the women who runs the orphanage, learns of a man and woman who are looking for help around their house, and with their animals. So, Vahan is taken to a small stone house, where he is greeted by a small, serious looking man named Dr. Tashian, and his kind wife, Mrs. Tashian. At first, Dr. Tashian is hesitant to hire a boy as small as he is. However, Vahan is able to convince the doctor that no type of work would be too hard for him, and that he is willing to do anything. Vahan is able to convince the family that he is fit for the job. In the days that pass, he is given a room and a list of chores that most children would do for their families. Vahan is always given time during the day to read the books that were given to him, ride one of the horses, or explore the land behind the house. One afternoon, Vahan has just returned home to the Tashians’ house when he sees a young, beautiful girl arriving at the house next door, which belongs to the German consul. As the days go by, Vahan becomes more and more friendly with the girl, who is called Seta. They meet in the field behind their houses, where they talk together each day. Vahan and Seta become quite close. They meet in the field behind their houses, where they talk together each day. She tells him about her strong dislike of Werner, the German consul, and Vahan tells her what he thinks about. As the months

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