Summary Of Freedom Is Slavery By Gorge Orwell 1984

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“Freedom Is Slavery” Gorge orwell 1984 Jesus Chavez “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two makes four. If that is granted, all else follows”. (Gorge Orwell 1984 pg 81). In this essay I will be evaluating and analyzing the three most effective methods that big brother’s government uses to maintain power over it’s citizens of Oceania. Big Brother used many methods like propaganda, changing history and techology to monitor and control it’s people. The government of big brother rules with an iron fist, the slightlest rebelious gester can cause the person to disaplear and get viperized. The government of Oceania is divided into four different ministries, the ministry of truth, the ministry of propaganda. The ministry of love, the ministry that makes fear and controls order. The ministry of peace, the armed forces of Oceania. The ministry of plenty, the ministry that is in charge of Ocenias economy. One of many ways that the totaliterian government of Big Brother uses for its mind control, is the method of employing propaganda. One might ask themselves, why is this so effective? The anwer to this is that Big Brothers propaganda sector knows human nature very well. This methods is effective because the ministry of truth, the sector dedicated in controling news, history, and propaganda controls everything that it’s citizens sees. Therefor the rational behind this method is that people accepted things without knowing it, they subconsciencely agree with
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