Summary Of Fried Green Tomatoes At The Whistle Stop Cafe

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In the book Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café there is an instance of murder. Ruth Jamison married a man named Frank Bennett who was not nice to women. He is also troubling whenever he is drunk but he never gets charged because he is white. The man would get drunk and come home to Ruth and not only abuse her but sexually assault her. When Idgie found out, Big George, her, and a few others took Ruth away from him by coming to their house with knives and then just getting Ruth’s stuff and leaving. No one got hurt and they didn’t intend to hurt anyone. Frank was not happy about them taking Ruth because he is white and thinks he has the right to do what he wants. Throughout the book, segregation plays a big role in decision making. When Frank Bennet goes missing, everyone is questioned and Idgie and Big George are brought to trial but there is no case against them so no one is proven guilty. Then later in the story, remains of Frank Bennet are found. Some people found Frank’s skull with his glass eye in a pit where animals’ bones were thrown after butchering. His body was oddly …show more content…

He hit Sipsey happened to be there and hit Frank of the back of the head with a skillet which broke his skull and killed him almost immediately. To help with the circumstance, she called on Big George who used the body in his barbecue and drove Frank’s truck into a lake to limit evidence. Sipsey decapitated Frank and put the head in the pit. They knew they couldn’t tell the police the truth because a black person killing a white person could never be trusted and would probably be put to death themselves. They had to do what would keep themselves safe so Sipsey and Big George got rid of the evidence and acted as if nothing had happened. The police even ate the barbeque that Big George made with the body and said it was the best they had ever

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