Summary Of Into The Wild, By Jon Krakauer

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In the Novel “Into the Wild” written by Jon Krakauer a student by the name of Chris McCandless graduates for Emory University and plans to go on a journey since he is done with college. Chris gets all of his college funds and donates them to the Oxfam organization, which is an organization that helps stop poverty and hunger in the United States. When he starts his journey he ceases talking to anyone including his family because he doesn’t want them to stop him and think he is a psychopath. Chris McCandless wants to go on a journey to a trail in Alaska. While hitchhiking to Alaska he ditches all his belongings and his car because of a flash flood. People that knew he was going to Alaska though he was a psychopath for trying to hitchhike all the way to Alaska. He didn’t care what anybody thought about him he wanted to be different than everybody else. Chris thought it was cool to be different; he wanted to try and see new things. Chris was very independent and brave. He just found it interesting and he wanted to enjoy a new experience so he ignored what everybody had to say about him. …show more content…

While on his journey he meets a guy named Jim Gallien. The way they both met is Jim was driving down the highway and he spotted Chris shivering and he pulled over to see what was going on. Jim invited Chris into his truck, Jim asked Chris what his name was and he responded with “Alex”. After that Chris and him have a conversation and Jim asks him if any of his friends or family know what he is doing and he told him that no one but him knew of his plan. Shortly after Chris is now known as Alex. When Chris is about to leave Jim’s house Jim’s wife packs him a big lunch even though Chris doesn’t want

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