Summary Of Kathryn Stokett's The Help

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The book I picked to read was The Help by Kathryn Stokett. The scene I picked for the diorama was of one of the black maids in the help named Aibleen in the kitchen taking care of Mae Mobley while Mrs. Leefolt is in the other room. Mae Mobley is The Leefolts daughter who doesn’t get any attention from her parents, because her dad works and her mom is usually worried about her friends more then her daughter. To me this scene is very important because the baby needs someone who cares for her and feeds her. Aibleen does all of that and always reminds Mae Mobley that she is loved. Aibleen says this to Mae Mobley and she repeats it back to Aibleen “little girl you is kind. You is smart. You is important. To me Aibleen saying that to her makes me

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