Summary Of Lost In America By Douglas Mcgray

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In “Lost in America”, Douglas McGray is writing this piece for the people who have a role in influencing children and their futures such as parents, guardians, teachers, school board representatives or even the youth themselves. This piece McGray wrote is attempting to make the audience aware of the ignorance that Americans have towards matters outside of the United States’ borders. This ignorance has been in the American culture for generations and has continued to be passed down because there is little change happening to counteract it which is what McGray is attempting to bring to the reader’s attention. McGray implies that this ignorance in the American culture could be helped if change started in adolescence through their American education which currently has weaknesses in education as a whole but especially in the subject of history …show more content…

Juxtaposition is used by McGray throughout the entire piece but most specifically in paragraph 5 when he provided statistics in relation with how a vast majority of Americans are unknowledgeable about the world around them. This use of juxtaposition with integrating statistics is continued to be used throughout the rest of the piece as well.
3. McGray used Pathos by attempting to appeal to the reader’s emotions throughout the entire piece because he provided personal and relational examples of Americans not knowing the culture around them which causes the readers to sympathize with them by either finding themselves to fall within the category of ignorance or being the other side who looks down upon the ignorant.
4. McGray used Ethos to appeal to the conscience of the reader throughout the entire piece. He specifically used it when he gave the statistics on how unknowledgeable Americans were about the surrounding world. These statistics caused the reader to question their values on what they learn and what they find important and potentially realize that they as Americans need to change and make a difference in their

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