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Journeys can be tempestuous but can create to relationships and initiate transitions within cultures that encourage belonging. Anh Do tells his story in his autobiography “The Happiest Refugee” of how he and his family escaped their harsh life in Vietnam and their journey of belonging into Australian culture. He describes the struggles they faced with money and how he developed from a university student to a comedian and how built “My Polish Teachers Tie” by Helen Dunmore also conveys belonging to a culture and relationships. In this short story, Carla who has a polish background is working as a caterer in the UK. Dunmore demonstrates how she reconnects to her polish culture with the help of her relationship with a polish teacher. Similarly …show more content…

‘My Polish Teachers Tie’ by Helen Dunmore reveals the story of Carla and her journey of reuniting with her Polish Culture. Dunmore’s choice of the word stop in “ my father put a stop to it” symbolises that the father banishes the polish culture, as he believes it will be too confusing when Carla starts at an English school. On the other hand Dunmore uses emotive language to express how her mother nurtured her Polish background from a young age, “ I spoke Polish till I was six, baby Polish full of rhymes mum taught me”, this reveals how Carla was connected then disconnected from her Polish …show more content…

“My Polish Teachers Tie” uncovers the story of how Carla and Stefan’s beautiful friendship was created through the significance of writing letters. Stefan is unaware that Carla is not an English teacher but the school caterer, She is unsure how she will be perceived by him and how he will react when he realizes the truth. Dunmore uses a series of sarcastic tone throughout the short story, “Colleagues don’t wear blue overalls and wear white caps and work for E3.89 and hour” this displays how at the start of the friendship Carla was not honest and she was frightened that he might judge her. Dunmore reveals that their friendship is real, he uses a metaphor and personification “A smile lit his eyes and ran to his mouth” to emphasizes how Stefan is ecstatic to finally meet her and he could not control his excitement. Dunmore uses juxtaposition in “ It was a flag from another country, a better country than we lived in” this indicates that their friendship was solid mainly because of their love for their Polish culture. Friendships are a significant emotional journey that gives a personal connection towards yourself and the person involved within the friendship. It is an important factor relating to journey and how it can conclude as

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