Summary Of Night By Elie Wiesel

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In the book the night by Elie Wiesel, He recounts the horrors that happened during the Holocaust. This happened in the time periods of 1933 and 1945. At the time of 1933 and 1945 a kid named Elle had to learn to become an adult at such a young age. And his fellow jews were taken to camps in cattle cars. The book describes the horrible things that happened to them on the way there and at the camps. And the way Elle and his father view their lives now. In the book it started off as a boy named who liked to study his religion and wanted to take it to the next level at the same time that his father was telling him that “You're too young” to study his religion. So one day he found someone named Moishe Beadle. Elle asked Moishe to be his tutor and Moishe said that he would tutor Elle. And then one day there was a call for all foreign jews to go to a train. Moishe was forced to dig dead people's graves. Moishe had seen many people die in front of his eyes. Moishe pretended to be dead for 3 days as he was surrounded by dead bodies. Moishe had said that he waited until he felt safe to leave. Moshie came back and he said that there was a bad thing happening and nobody believed him …show more content…

All of the jews were forced to leave now. They were stuffed inside of a cattle car with little to no room to breath. They had no food or water to eat or drink. They had nowhere to use the bathroom so they used a bucket and some even went as far as drinking their own pee. Also they had to deal with a lot of people screaming like Madame Schacher. They had to hit her on the head to make her stop screaming. They had arrived at the camp and boys, girls and kids were separated. They told kids and girls they were going to take showers and put them in a gas chamber and kill them all. Meanwhile all the men were separated by age. Elle and his father were sent together. Because this anonymous man told them what to say to them in order not to

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