Summary Of Night By Elie Wiesel

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After watching the documentary I think you really get a sense of how horrific the Holocaust was. I mean we always learn about it in school, but it is usually through textbooks and primary source documents. We learn about the atrocities; however the American educational system touches upon it lightly. Ultimately, Americans only get a small idea of what the Holocaust was especially to the Jewish people. We learn so much about the Holocaust, but not about who lived by it. Watching Elie and Oprah go through Auschwitz really helps you understand how much this place destroyed lives. Wiesel really gets you to understand how horrible this place was and the atrocities that went on there. Being a Holocaust survivor means Elie can really teach us. He has written so many books about his experience, loss, and pain. Wiesel tells us the story because he lived it and he makes it so much more powerful. The fact that he even went back to Auschwitz is astounding to me because of everything he went through. He may have spoken throughout the documentary, but his whispering showed us how much pain and even fear he had of the death camp. There is so much dark history surrounding Auschwitz and he was a living relic of that place. To him this place was hell, but it is also a resting place for his family and his …show more content…

Elie can tell her everything that happened from the day he walked into Auschwitz to the day he walked out. Everything Wiesel says is so specific like he remembers it from yesterday. He remembers Auschwitz like it is ingrained in his memory and that is so powerful. Elie can give you an entire tour of this compound and can probably answer about every question because he lived it all. Walking through the compound probably brings back so many horrible memories, especially about his family. He talks about them throughout the documentary and that really shows how much he misses

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