Rhetorical Devices In Keep Memory Alive

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Brody Holder
English I
Mrs. Gray
1 february 2023 Rhetorical devices and rhetorical idea speeches Why do authors use rhetorical appeals? Well, “using appeals in persuasive writing increases a writer’s chances of achieving his or her purpose.'' Now using rhetorical devices is a little different but somewhat similar, “rhetorical devices are used to trigger emotional responses in an audience and persuade the readers or the listeners. The scope of rhetorical devices is broad. Even though the primary purpose is persuading your audience, these devices are also used as aesthetic devices in writing”. In the essay “The American Idea” and “Keep Memory Alive '' the author uses rhetorical devices and rhetorical apples to persuade the readers. …show more content…

He is one of the most famous survivors of the holocaust, he talks about the horrifying events they led through the holocaust. Elie wiesel's talks about how people should speak up and not just sit down and not say anything, and if you do sit down and don't speak with your chest then you should be guilty. “That I have tried to keep my memory alive, that I have tried to fight those who would forget. Because if we forget, we are guilty, we are accomplices”. Elie Wiesel, doesn't want to experience the holocaust or hear that it happens again so he explains about the horifly events to let people

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