How Is The Story Told In Night By Elie Wiesel

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“We now have a voice for those who don’t.” During the Holocaust, seven million people died, six million of which were Jews, and they will never be able to tell their stories. Emotional and physical heartbreak was created and needed to be recognized to express the truth. Elie Wiesel wrote Night to show his journey throughout The Holocaust. He published Night twenty three years later, terrified to relive the moments in his writing, but he knew somebody needed to justify the deceased. Someone needed to be their voice. The distress was all around and needed to be told. The Holocaust is the worst event in history that dehumanized human beings, causing millions of deaths that can never happen again. We need to be their voice to express the truth and prevent another genocide this traumatizing. The Holocaust is the worst event recorded in history that caused people to question our humanity. Mankind's worst qualities were shown throughout the entire twelve years. We became inhumane and sadistic. “One day when we had come to a stop, a worker took a piece of bread out of his bag and threw it into a wagon. There was a stampede. Dozens of starving men fought desperately over a few crumbs. The worker watched the spectacle …show more content…

He became the voice of the deceased to tell the truth. The dehumanization created heartbreak that can never happen again. His voice made a difference. If the human population does not know the truth about the Holocaust, another genocide can occur and more than one race can be affected. We need to be thankful to Elie Wiesel for becoming the voice of the Holocaust to tell us what we needed to know. Seven million people died never being able to live their life again. Never celebrate another holiday again. Never love again. Never wear their favorite outfit again. Never read their favorite book again. Never listen or play their favorite song again. Never. We have become the

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