Summary Of One Hen By Katie Milway

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Cultural Authenticity: “One Hen” is a Realistic Fiction story written by Katie Milway and illustrated by Eugenie Fernandes. This text takes place in Ghana and has to do with living in rural West Africa along with economic challenges. Page T25B introduces the story about Kojo and his mother. I feel like this story truly captures the essence of these people and their lives. An excerpt from the first page reads, “Kojo and his mother live in a mud-walled house with an open fire for cooking. Beside it is a garden where they grow their own food. They never have much money or much to eat. As Kojo nears the house, he can smell his mother’s fufu cooking, their main meal made from cassava and yams.” Throughout the story students are gaining understanding …show more content…

Pages T180-T183 are examples of this instruction. The leveled reader has students previewing and predicting the text along with a thorough discussion of the genre, and then close reading with note taking skills, and responses after the text is read. Fluency is especially stressed for the beyond level students. For vocabulary a gifted or talented student may be asked to review the lesson on homographs as previously mentioned and then be expected to use one homograph two times in one sentence each time with a different meaning. Comprehension instruction covers cause and effect relationships. On the other hand there is differentiated instruction for ELL students like on pages T184-T191. For ELLs differentiation may look like small group reading, building background and several examples to pull from the text to ask questions and make connections. Just like beyond level the ELL has a leveled reader as well. Vocabulary is primarily pre teaching and involves getting students comfortable with the meaning by using them in context. In this section vocabulary is broken down into pre teach, preview, specific lesson on homographs, and an additional vocabulary lesson. Unlike beyond level, the ELL section also focuses on writing, spelling, and grammar. ESE students can be benefited with ideas and instruction from the approaching level section. This instruction looks like leveled readers, phonics, decoding, vocabulary, and comprehension. There is quite a bit of phonics and decoding going on at this level along with review of high frequency words under the vocabulary

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