Similarities Between The Jungle And Fast Food Nation

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The Jungle v. Fast Food Nation
Brenton Beardsley
Illinois Valley Community College

In the book, The Jungle and Fast Food Nation, there was several points that were brought up about the values, beliefs, political ideas, and institution. These topics played an important role in both of the books, as many people just like the family in, The Jungle, face several hardships in our country to this day. During these hard times people find several ways to get to their inner self and overcome these hardships that are in their path to success. Also, migrants go to different countries and bring their traditions with them. Involved in their traditions are their beliefs, and then they also try to expand their traditions with other people surrounding them in their new society. Equally they learn some of the country’s culture and beliefs. People hold several values in their life’s, whether it is the value of food, water, money, clothing, love, etc. Without those values in their lives they wouldn’t be able to overcome everyday tasks. In the book, The Jungle, there was several strong values that kept the Lithuanian family going through rough times. They all wanted what was best for their family and they did whatever was needed to try to fulfill everyone’s needs. This country was and still is viewed as the “Land of Opportunity”, as many people come from various third world countries in which their government is extremely corrupt. Most of them are coming to our country to

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