Summary Of Outliers By Malcolm Gladwell

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In the general perspective, a majority of people have come to believe that success derives within the personality and motives of the individual. In contrast, Malcolm Gladwell alleges in his bestselling non-fiction book Outliers that success is spawned by god-given advantages and opportunities that may not be welcomed to others by fate. Gladwell presents us with crucial evidence, such as the individual’s date of birth, the 10,000 hour rule, and their IQ, which has been proved to significantly increase their chances of success. Gladwell’s theory of success is credible and alluring because it belittles anyone who has not fallen into a blessed lifestyle. He admires those who have been born with opportunities clouding their life. Gladwell suggests …show more content…

In chapter 2, he expounds that in order to achieve success, you must have provided 10,000 hours of attentive work. Throughout this chapter, he goes through successful stories of businessmen and musicians, who have earned the title of a professional. Gladwell introduces us to one of the most “influential people in modern history of computing”,Bill Joy. Joy studied at the University of Michigan, where he collected most his 10,000 hours of intensive work. Without the completion of his hard work, he would have not been able to become a prosperous programmer who would one day cofound the Silicon Valley firm Sun Microsystems. Gladwell strongly believes that without those 10,000 hours, Joy would still remain an amateur in his profession. Also, Gladwell explains how the Beatles successfully reached to the top. They mastered their skills when they traveled to Hamburg five times between 1960 and 1962, playing for more than 5 hours a night for at least 200 nights. They learned stamina over the years and by 1964, they had performed live an estimated 12 hundred times in times, which most bands don't even get to perform that amount in their entire careers. Their 10,000 hours of practice aided them in becoming famous and legends. The Beatles were privileged with instances of opportunity that other bands may never see. It may be believed that any band may be able to sky rocket into the world of fame, but without the same amount of serious work, it may be difficult to attain the same level as the Beatles.Gladwell asks us if the ten-thousand-hour rule is a general rule of success. He uses this rhetorical questioning to allow us to believe that this rule can benefit our personal success. Based on the successful stories he gave us, the 10,000 hour rule is definitely a tremendous gain that results in a great amount of

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