Summary Of Paul Revere's Ride By David Hackett

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The Journey throughout the Colonies

In the novel “Paul Revere's Ride” by David Hackett Fischer runs-through the difficult tasks Revere had to overcome in order create one of the most historic and misunderstood event is America’s history. Numerous of people have the interpretation that Paul Revere made this event happen by himself, but the novel it exposes every significant event and historic figure that he was not acting alone. Thus, these figures include; John Hancock, Samuel Adams, and many other important individuals. Not only does it provide us with the Perspective of the American side, but also the British side which examines British General Thomas Gage creating a better understanding surround the events leading up to the American Revolution. A lone colonist galloping throughout the country side of every important major city shouting “The British are coming” is one of the most famously heard legend of Paul Revere’s ride. Furthermore, another tale includes the lamps in the steeple of the north church flashing in the sky as another warning for the British’s arrival. As for the legend of Paul Revere yelling, “The British are coming” ends up becoming false. Due to the fact, the colonists would view themselves as British. When in fact, it all started with Paul Revere and William Dawes leaving Lexington heading towards …show more content…

I say this because it provides a lot of information based on the begging on the American Revolution and there isn’t a lot of books that create such a good image in your head. In addition, I strongly believe everybody should read this book to actually know the real events that occurred in history not have false learned or heard false information. One thing I did not like about the novel was how only some characters were mentioned in a brief and never introduced again. Overall, Paul Revere’s Ride is a great novel and I would highly recommend

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