Summary Of Robert Putnam's Essay 'Bowling Alone'

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When Robert Putnam’s put together his thesis, “Bowling Alone”, he used a lot of ideas that resembled the Economist article called “The Big Sort”. His thesis stated that the people are not participating in group activates like they used to back in the 1960s. Throughout his thesis, he wonders why this decline is happening. In “the Big Sort, this article states that people are more than ever clustering in ideal locations. People are very mobile now and days compared to the 1960s. If people don’t like their living situations, they move to where is ideal (the example of people living in D.C). If people don’t like where they work, they move to a more desirable work location that fits them (the example of the accountant from Texas). To sum up why people are not “bowling in groups” anymore can …show more content…

Just like in Putnam’s “Bowling alone” thesis, she argues that people are more polarized than ever. The reason behind this can be summarized by the economist’s article, “The Big Sort”. If people don’t like where they live, they move to a more ideal location. With political preferences and parties, people move to where they best fit in. Whether in a certain city or even neighborhood, people are moving where they see themselves best fit in. As time as past, we see this polarization more clearly on the map than ever before. Liberals move to populous cities and states like New York City & California while conservatives move to more rural states and location such as Texas or Farmville Alabama. Fiorina argues that America is more polarized than ever. The evidence from “The Big Sort” shows us is that the real reason why we see more polarization today than before is because people are so mobile. Simply put, they live where they want to live. People are clustering out now. We used to just see purple on the map, but today we see blue and red on different sides; less mixture and more

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