Rhetorical Analysis Of Caught In The Middle By Wendell Berry

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Political beliefs and party lines may be the most controversial topic across all of America. As the current Presidential debates and ensuing election draw near, most will make decisions, take sides, and debate across the supper table or in the local coffee shops. The American people will not be able to escape the debates since on most days some form of media is making their ideas and opinions known and open for discussion. Wendell Berry’s article, “Caught in the Middle,” is a select piece from his book Our Only World, which takes a look at his interpretation of politics in America as they currently stand. Controversial topics, such as abortion and homosexual marriages are discusses. He also points out differences between liberal and more conservative parties. Through these topics, he informs the reader of his opinions regarding problems in American politics; the equality of people governed and the divide amongst political parties. To begin his discussion, Berry describes how everyone has to pick a side in politics. He discusses the lack of understanding of what it really means to be in a particular party by saying, “It doesn’t matter that neither of these labels signifies much in the way of intellectual …show more content…

Thus making the title, “Caught in the Middle’” a perfect title for his article. Though he loosely states that being in the middle gets politicians fired, many who have chosen this path have found themselves seeking other forms of employment. The reader must then begin to grapple with the dilemma of politicians choosing to make a stand for what is “right” versus what they must do to ensure their tenure in politics is not short lived. The reader has no choice but to begin to realize that politics, as it stands, is often corrupt and some may appear shallow or let themselves be manipulated in order to keep their

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