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Scott Andrews, the author of the article, “Smells Like Teen Superheroes”, is also a professor at California State University teaching about the American and American Indian literatures and classes on popular culture. He has also published multiple literary work. In this article, Andrews states that movies and television shows that depict superpowers, magical beings, and instant popularity are altering the American dream in present young adults. The fantasy of being famous, magical, and extraordinary seems to have morphed the previous element, “Work hard and save money” of the American dream into “Get famous right now.” (Andrews). The purpose of Andrews’s article is to inform. He connects with his audience of young adults by talking about popular movies such as the Twilight and the Harry Potter to inform about the subconscious effects television shows and movies have on them. Besides talking about popular shows, Andrews furthermore attempts to connect with his audience to explain the reason why they may be so fascinated with what the media shows. He states, “The life of an American teen is often times filled with anxiety, emotional turmoil, and alienation. This is true whether one is wealthy or poor, male or female…There is something about being a teenager …show more content…

He has statistics to prove his statement, such as, “When New Moon hit theaters in the United States in 2009, it made more than $290 million…” and “First there was Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, published in the United States in 1998. The first X-Men series was released in 2000…Twilight was published in 2005…” Andrews uses pathos in the quote mentioned in the second paragraph where he connects to his audience of young adults by attempting to understand how they feel. As for Ethos, Andrews does not state them himself, but they are mentioned in the introduction of the

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