Summary Of South By Natasha Trethewey

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Home Is Where The Hurt Is Is home really where the heart is? When one knows the history of their hometown, can they truly still uphold the same level of respect and admiration? The speaker in “South” by Natasha Trethewey battles this obscurity as they return to their home, Mississippi. As the speaker returns home, physical features of the state triggers reminiscence. Though these attributes are what makes home so special to the speaker, simultaneously it causes the poet to realize the meaning behind it all. The speaker recognizes the historical context beyond the surface; for example the poet says, “and magnolias blooming like afterthought: each flower a surrender, white flags draped among the branches”. (Trethewey 5) In this quote, it is being translated that the beautiful flowers that…show more content…
They are aware of the social and systematic problems but due to many years of oppression and mistreatment in their region, the speaker comes across as very discouraged to bring about change. The speaker states, “I return to mississippi, state that made a crime of me -mulatto, half breed -native in my native land this place they'll bury me.” (Trethewey 29) The speaker expresses the disrespect she has received from the very place she calls home, but despite the mistreatment she doesn't plan on drifting away from her state. The audience of the speaker truly seems to be him or herself. The poet is reflecting to themself in a coming of age manner. The poet seemed to be away from their hometown for a while, and upon returning they may have realized aspects of their community in a more intellectual and spiritual way (post learning and evolving in this world), a way they have never noticed before. Upon returning home, the poet says, “I returned to a country battlefield where colored troops fought and died.” (Trethewey 21) The poet is utilizing learned knowledge to analyze something that once seemed to be so innocent and
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