Summary Of Speak By Laurie Halse Anderson

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Speak is a book that deals with a very dark subject.It is something that will need an open-mind and also a lot of empathy to comprehend.Our protagonist Melinda Sordino is a girl who was abandoned by her friend due to something she did at the end of the summer party.When school starts for her freshman year of high school,she an outcast, a nobody, someone who was forgotten, and a mute.The author Laurie Halse Anderson does a very magnificent job of putting the reader almost exactly as through what the protagonist experiences.Nonetheless,what you will see in the book Speak is a very rare thing for authors to express and write about. Also in the book Speak you see a lot of relatable topics.For example a friend backstabbing you just to get with the popular kids, or your parents not understanding your silence, and something a little more positive like have a favorite teacher appreciate your hard work.What the author manages to do is put a lot of symbolism and deeper meaning hidden in the book.Which makes it very interesting and amusing to find and put together.Without spoiling the book too much a word you see often in the book is the word Tree.What do you see when you hear the word tree?Let's say for instance a new change or end of a beginning,it sounds strange but see it as
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