Summary Of Speak By Laurie Halse Anderson

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I recently read the book Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. The main character Melinda Sordino went through a lot during her summer. Her freshman year isn't off to a good start. During the summer she called the cops at a party, no one knew why she kept it a secret, but she soon tells of what really happened. She changed a lot throughout the story from being depressed, staying home and hiding in a closet at school, to becoming open and telling her secret of what happened to her. Melinda was excited about art class when she started her freshman year but soon wasn't too happy about her assignment. She felt she couldn't be creative because her assigned item was a tree that she had to make unique. She didn't know how to express herself as she was depressed …show more content…

The Marthas were a group of straight A kids who did volunteer work for the school. Soon Heather said she couldn't be friends with Melinda since she was so miserable and was bad to be around. Melinda gave up on everything, she had no friends anymore, everyone avoided her. Heather eventually came back to Melinda for help to decorate for the prom. Heather had to do it by herself and Melinda refused to help since she said that she had other plans. Heather was blamed for having lousy decorations for the prom. Before the prom, Melinda sees Rachel/Rachelle alone and, she decides to tell her what happened at the party but she doesn't believe Melinda and leaves. Rachel/Rachelle ended up leaving Andy during a slow dance at the prom Melinda was glad. At this point Melinda had finally started to heal, feeling better about herself. While Melinda is in her closet where she hides at school, Andy comes in mad at what Melinda said to Rachel/Rachelle, he tries to strangle her then he hits her. She breaks a mirror and grabs a glass shard holding it to his neck, he begins to bleed. She wanted to push it in further

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