Summary Of The Dafnia Maeson's Case

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“The court will now be called to order.” Silence fell as newspeople, observers, the jury, the defendant, the accuser, and their lawyers shuffled to their seats. The accuser, Dafnia Maeson, sniffled into a napkin. The defendant, Aza Malakye, shifted in his seat, casting furtive glances at Maeson. Maeson’s lawyer stood. “Your Honor, if I may have the floor.” The magistrate nodded and gestured for him to continue. “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, on this day, September 24th, 2075, I represent Miss Dafnia Maeson in this case. On November 28th, 2052, the defendant, Aza Malakye, stood by and watched as this woman’s father, Charley Maeson, was brutally murdered by a masked man with a gun. He was the only witness in this crime, and while the

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