Summary Of The Federalist Paper No. 67

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Following the ratification of the United States’ Constitution, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison compiled a list of letters to provide more information to the American public. These letters, also known as the Federalist Papers, detail the specifics regarding branches of government, status of citizenship, and the democratic role of the people. Federalist Paper No. 67, titled the Executive Department and written by Alexander Hamilton, focuses on the powers of the executive branch and calms the fears of the doubtful citizens.In addition, it provides information on the executive branch’s responsibilities and ways to increase the overall effectiveness of running an admirable government for the newly-independent United States of America. …show more content…

Hamilton stresses the importance of balanced power, as well as the involvement of all branches in both local and national agendas (Gais). Hamilton wants to make clear that democracy is completely different than a monarchy in the fact that the president, who is chosen by the people, will never become some type of superior human. The United States is one of the first nations to practice democracy, so there was no country to look towards as a model. This made Hamilton’s job difficult because he had to encourage Americans to trust the process of building a great nation.The other part of Federalist 67 comments about the president’s ability to appoint officials to vacancies in the government. According to Hamilton and the United States’ Constitution, the president has the sole responsibility to fill positions if the Senate is not in session. However, once the Senate is back, they can look deeper into the position and overturn it if they deem that

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