Summary Of The Meteorites By Brian Doyle

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Have you ever dived head first into a piece of writing that has you swimming laps across the pool because of all the great things the writer fills the piece with? Brian Doyle is such a writer that could do just that. He is mesmerizingly alluring throughout his writing to say the least. Most all of Doyle’s pieces seem to reflect his appreciation of language; words, phrases, sentences, how things sound and more. The essay entitled “The Meteorites”, by Brian Doyle, is really well written due to the fact of his well thought out diction, which flows throughout the essay while having imagery intimidatingly piggy back along. “The Meteorites” is a piece about a camp counselor who goes through many trials and tribulations with his campers throughout the summer. Campers come to a mere total of nine boys. All are referred to as “the …show more content…

Every few sentences are pieced together with a phrase that makes it easy to imagine as if you were seeing it firsthand. There is something about the way Doyle describes the counselor’s campers right off the bat, “Ages four to six, who ran like deer, cried like infants, fought like cats, and cursed like stevedores,” that unthinkably introduces an idea of what camp might be like with such a group of boys. Following the introduction on the first day, the boys’ driver is presented getting in and out of the car in such a way that is scaring. Beginning when he emerges from the seat “unfolding himself in stages like an enormous jackknife”, and when he sits back down “the fat dark leather cushions exhaling sharply with a pneumatic hiss.” Both examples given implant images into the mind of what the driver could have looked like: all his folds on his body, how he plops back into the seat, and what weight would cause the impression onto the seat to make it hiss. Imagery is something that this piece does not lack; more so it is one of this pieces strongest

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