Summary Of The New Preschool Is Crushing Kids By Christakis

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Education is at the forefront of most new parent’s minds, which is why there is so much pressure on choosing a good preschool. Parents want to make sure that they give their children the best possible start to education, in order to create a solid foundation for success late in life. However, in society today, expectations placed on preschoolers are becoming more demanding, a trend that could have many negative consequences on the development of children. This idea is discussed in the article The New Preschool is Crushing Kids written by Erika Christakis. Christakis interconnects the audience, speaker, and subject as well as uses appeals to logic, emotion, and credibility to craft a strong and effective argument about how preschool has started to place too many expectations on preschoolers. The main subject of this article is about the pressures associated with preschool. Parents nowadays are extremely concerned with where they send their children to school and how well they perform at said school. Christakis connects the subject of her article to her intended audience, new parents, by using appeals to the emotions of those parents. She plays on the parents innate …show more content…

Christakis, the speaker, is able to connect herself with the subject by using appeals to credibility. Christakis is an educator herself, so she understands how the school system works and what challenges many teachers may face. She uses some of her personal experiences to put some of her ideas into perspective for her audience. She also incorporates ideas from other perspectives and uses only highly esteemed sources, adding to her overall credibility. By establishing this credibility, she increases the overall effectiveness of her message because now her audience understands that she is well versed in the topic that she is discussing and makes them more likely to accept her

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