Importance Of Cosmic Education

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In the Montessori Media centre (2009) they speak of how “Montessori education is driven by an ambitious aim: To aid the child’s development into a complete adult human being, comfortable with himself, with his society and with humanity as a whole. Whereas the traditional approach to education, remains focused on the transmission of prescribed blocks of knowledge, the Montessori approach is focused on giving support to the natural development of the child.”
Maria Montessori spoke about how the development of the child between the age of 6 and 12 is a notable time in their life. She highlighted how it is a period of holistic development, which brings out the child’s need for wider horizons, the movement from the concrete to thinking abstractly and the development of the morale. The child is also very interested in socialising with peers. Throughout this essay I will look at how the Montessori Method prepares the child holistically for their future through use of the methodology: cosmic education, the use of the prepared environment and the huge promotion of independence. I will also discuss how they prepare the child physically, intellectually, linguistically morally, emotionally and socially as well as to be a confident, self-motivated global citizen, in secondary school and beyond. “The goal of Cosmic Education is to guide the child toward an initial examination of the question, who am I?” (Duffy & Duffy, 2002)
Cosmic Education is the methodology used to help the child

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