Summary Of The Short Story Babysitting Helen

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In this research essay, it will be about how the research on dementia has helped me understand the short story "Babysitting Helen". Have you ever with Alzheimer's, and wonder what It is? The research on dementia helped me to broaden my understanding of the short story "Babysitting Helen". It taught me that Helen's odd behavior, her memory loss, and the stress on caregivers is a normal part of living with dementia. In the short story "Babysitting Helen" Helen was laughing at things that aren't funny at all and was so amazed by the rabbit in the commercial with the drums. While Helen and Trish were watching Tv, Helen would be laughing bits on parts of the show when nothing funny is happening at all. Also when the advertisements and commercials came on Helen would say "Would you just look at that! …show more content…

In the short story "Babysitting Helen" when Helen was acting weirdly and when she kept repeating when ever the rabbit commercial came on, it made me wonder why she was repeating her self and I didn’t really understand why she did. But now I understand because of my research on dementia and Alzheimer's and that Helen behaves like that because the disease that Helen has affects her behavior. According to my research note it says that the effects of the disease is that it affects their memory, they way they act, how they feel and their thinking abilities. (Research Note 1). My research on dementia has enhanced my understanding on how and why Helen behaves the way she behaves because of the disease she has. In conclusion the research that I have done on dementia has enhanced my understanding on why Helen would be repeating herself and laughing things that are not funny and having an odd

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