Interview Essays

  • Psychoeducational Interviews

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    Psychoeducational Testing Interviews A special education teacher and mother of three children, one with an intellectual disability of Down syndrome, diagnosed as mild and high functioning, participated in interviews with the author. The interview questions focused on the respondent’s experience and views on psychoeducational testing, which determines a student’s cognitive abilities and academic performance levels that ultimately yields recommendations for instructional planning (Bell, S. M., 2002)

  • Disadvantages Of Interview

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    Imagination or lack of imagination either broadens or limits the reason behind interviews. If interlocutors are too busy to meet or demanding to interview, then it is not an excuse to choose other interlocutors. Interview techniques and pertinent questions are chosen ahead of interviews. Deception is part of all interviews whether it is to protect one owns intentions as an interviewer or encouraging someone else to share information. What do they know about events or others? Keep one-step ahead

  • Informational Interview Reflection

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    The following paper will attempt to analyze and dissect several key factors of what took place during my informational interview. I will be covering a list of topics that will include evaluating what took place during the interview, things that I did well, and objectives that could have been covered better. Additionally, I will cover the good and bad interview skills I learned throughout this course exercise. Lastly, I will include within my paper the aspects I learned when it comes with dealing

  • Relational Interview: Dating

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    Marbeya Tapia Interpersonal Communication The relational interview For this relational interview assignment I decided to interview two couples, a couple who has been dating for three months and the other couple who has been dating for two years and five months and live together. Both the guys in the relationship are my cousins. In this assignment I will be comparing the two couples and bringing it back to what we’ve been learning in class. The first couple I interviewed is the couple who has

  • Professional Interview Paper

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    I interviewed a person who is very nice and love to play with children. She is my cousin Tina Mei and she is a teacher. I chose her to do my professional interview assignment because I want to know how she teach students and how she got the job. I knew she was working at school for many years and she has many experience of teaching students. Tina was graduated from Eastern Illinois University. When she was in university, her major is elementary education and psychology. She wants to work with children

  • Unstructured Interview Essay

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    Question 1: The credibility of a research is impacted by the methods in which the findings from semi-structured interview are presented (Low, 2013, p. 98). Although unstructured interviews are an effective method to utilize when gathering data about individuals, it is at a disadvantage when it comes to capturing what those individuals do. On the other hand, semi-structured interviews – such as the one in this research study – have numerous advantages. Firstly, they are cost-effective and can amass

  • Patient Interview Appraisal Paper

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    Interview Appraisal The patient interview video that was provided was a health history of new information as well a review of old information. Patient interviews and history taking is a way of obtaining comprehensive information about the patient and applying that information to provide the best care possible for them. Without the interview process we would not be able to have the full health history and would not be able to provide patient-centered care. “The health history interview is a conversation

  • Social Worker Interview Report

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    Social Worker Interview While studying the field of social work it is important to interview several different social workers in different areas to determine what area interests you. I had the opportunity to interview Ashley Decker from Family Access to Integrated Recovery (FAIR) on Friday September 4, 2014. Throughout this paper you will learn more about Ashley as a licensed social worker, FAIR, and my reflection on the interview. Ashley Decker has her BSW from the University of Cincinnati and

  • Special Populations Agency Interview

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    Special Populations Agency Interview On February 16th of 2016, an interview was conducted with Mrs. Sharon Mosley Walker. Mrs. Walker is a Commission Investigator for the State of Florida. She was a former Protection Investigator (PI) for Children and Family Service of Jacksonville, Florida. She also worked as a Probation and Correctional officer for the State of Florida. During this interview several questions were asked on the difficulties of providing service for the special populations and what

  • Informational Interview Research Paper

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    ” This assignment of having to do an informational interview was so interesting and informative about the career I want to have someday. I don’t actually know of anyone that has the career that I want to do, so I reached out to my hometown veterinarian and asked her who she uses as her pharmaceutical sales representative. She referred me to the company of who she uses and gave me the number of someone to call that would be happy to do an interview with me. Her name is Cassandra Buland, and she is

  • The Importance Of Interviews And Techniques To Face Interview

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    Introduction The success of failure of a company is largely attributed to the people who are hired and employed in the organization. Each organization focuses heavily on interview to select right person for the right job. Interview for a job would usually be nerve wracking. We may feel uncomfortable fielding unexpected questions. As an interviewee, the prospect of having to meet and impressed new people may be enough to trigger anxiety. However, there is a positive side to it. Interviewing is a

  • Epidemiologist Pre-Interview Questionnaire

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    Epidemiologist Pre-Interview Questionnaire Please provide responses to the questions below. If you are selected for an in-person interview, we may discuss these items further. 1. Why are you interested in working in the field of public health? a. Please describe what inspired you to select epidemiology as your career of choice - During my medical school in India, I learned about infectious diseases and also saw how we were still fighting with preventable infections. It inspired me to work in

  • Charlie Smith Oral History Interview

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    Branna Keeler Charlie Smith: Oral History Interview Elmer Sparks interviews Charlie Smith, in Bartow, Florida on March 17, 1975. The context of the article is built around Sparks desire to hear the life experiences of slave, Charlie Smith. However, Sparks’ real purpose is to determine how old Charlie Smith really is at the time of the interview. I chose to do this interview because I am also taking U.S. History on-line, currently we are studying slavery. I thought it would be interesting to hear

  • Personal Narrative: My Interview With A Manager

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    The people that I chose to interview were Todd Fetters, Paul Fetters, and Jacob Johnson. The reason why I chose these people is because they are people that I respect who have had roles of leadership in various settings in ministry. Some have worked as youth pastors others have taught ministry classes, and others have pastored at churches. The reason why I chose Todd Fetters is because he was a pastor for around twenty-five years and was recently named Bishop of the United Brethren denomination

  • Personal Narrative: An Interview With Juveniles

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    Interviewer: First question and I’m going to go off script a little bit, I always do; I think you get better information that way. So, first off, do you remember using it, do you remember using it all back in – Interviewee: You gave me two case numbers and I remember using one. Interviewer: And what was that about? Interviewee: I believe it was an assault, a juvenile assault or something like that. Interviewer: Okay, and did you call down to juvenile court? Interviewee: Yeah, the reason we

  • Jamileh Mohammadi: Student Interview Report

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    While considering people to interview for this assignment I knew that one of the people I wanted to interview was Jamileh Mohammadi. She is a Ph. D. student and moved here from Iran. I first met her when I began conducting research at UA. We were a part of the same research group and over the next year and a half we became friends. Although we have spent much time together we have never actually discussed her home country. At around 11:00 a.m. on October 21 I met with her in the Tom Bevill building

  • ENGR 401 Student Interview Report

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    selections and conducting four minute interviews we were able to form a ranking of candidates that would best suit the project’s requirements as specified by the client. REFLECTION We followed three stages of ranking in this exercise with the aims of mitigating any personal biases we held against any candidate’s traits and avoiding conflict of interests wherever possible. The first stage was to rank based on the quality of CV, the second was based on the candidate’s interview and the final ranking was an

  • Competency-Based Interview In Healthcare

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    must make carefully and seriously. Traditionally, job interviews focused on the candidate’s skill set and experiences and were not highly predictive of how the candidate might actually behave and perform on the job (Baird,

  • Cognitive Interview Techniques

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    Cognitive Interview Technique on Detecting Deception The inability to recognize fabricated statements can greatly damage the investigation process of a crime. Standard police interviews were often ineffective and most police officers never received formal training. In 1975, the RAND Corporation completed a survey of law-enforcement professionals and discovered that only 2% of the officers had received any formal training on how to interview people (Geiselman & Fisher, 2014). The memory of a witness

  • Personal Narrative: My Interview With Gabriela Moreno

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    I choose to interview Gabriela Moreno, my 113 spanish professor. The reason I choose her as opposed to any other professor was because she seemed to be the easiest to talk too out of all the rest. She was also very cooperative to set up an appointment, so I decided to proceed to interview her. In class she is an open person to students about her personal life, so I already know a few details. I know about her is she is extremely passionate about her spanish heritage, she has this concept that young