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To Rumours to Facts By Lois Simmie, an author from Edam, Saskatchewan wrote a true crime biography written in a format of a novel. It was about a man from Scotland named John Wilson, A father, husband, and was a Sargent for the Royal Northwest Mounted Police. Who murdered his wife and tried lying his way out of it. Decade’s later people from Lois Simmie’s hometown of Edam were talking about the incident. The Information regarding the tragedy was false and was being spread around the town. Lois Simmie was hearing rumours and false information being spread around her hometown of Edam regarding the “murder” John Wilson committed. Simmie was astonished by what she was hearing and wanted to get the facts straight about the incident. She traveled around Saskatchewan and even went across the globe to the country of Scotland, United Kingdom, to gather information and meet Polly Hutchinson’s family and talk about the incident. Her whole purpose for doing this was to get the facts straight about the murder and give closure to the people in Saskatchewan. …show more content…

She came up with the facts from letters, documents and files from the police which was a puzzle she had to put together. She got the facts which gave everyone insight to what exactly happened to the murder of Polly Wilson. It fulfilled the curiosity of many people in Scotland who have been Speculative of the incident. It also was very enlightening and interesting to others who were not aware of the disaster, as it was not a well-known crime in Saskatchewan in the early 1900s. The facts Simmie gathered also gave the family in Scotland closure to the horrible incident that occurred to their beloved member of their family “Mary Polly

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