Summary Of Westward Expansion By Robert Morgan

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In Robert Morgan’s, “There is no true history of the westward expansion”, his claims of westward expansion are more sensible than any other mans at that time. “It is natural and perhaps necessary for historians and story-tellers to view the dramatic shifts of history through the actions of a few famous figures, whether heroes or villains.” (Robert Morgan paragraph 4 line 2) By saying this, Morgan is saying that most stories that a reader will read, will be one sided. With westward expansion, nobody wants to tell the bad things that happened, but only the good things.
In agreement with Morgan, the Nez Perce Chief, the author of “Chief Joseph Speaks”, believes that westward expansion was one sided. The only story that was ever told, was how the white men were so great and nice to the Indians, when only a few actually were. The Nez Perce Chief tells the reader exactly how it truly was. “I see men of my own race treated as outlaws and driven from country to country, or shot down like animals.” ( The Nez Perce Chief paragraph 9 line 1) The white men came onto the Indians land, taking everything they own and claiming it as theres, and then treating them like they are animals, as the Chief said. No one ever told the truth of how the westward expansion really was.
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The white men went onto the Indians land, lied to them, stole land, and treated the Indians and tribes like animals. This is pretty much how the westward expansion happened. “A true story of westward expansion would be the account of actions, thoughts, emotions, words, and persons of the unnamed thousands, the people on the ground, who are the living flesh and blood of history.” (Morgan paragraph 6 line1) The true story of westward expansion was never truly told. Many bad things happened during this time, and maybe America will now understand

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