Summary Of You Disappearing By Alexandra Kleeman

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The idea of loss can scare most people. Whether we lose our phones, our minds, or loved ones, we can all relate to a certain idea of loss that can appear frightening for most. When loss becomes something almost normal for the world, most people find something to hold onto for those last few moments before it finally disappears. For author Alexandra Kleeman, even though her character becomes accustomed to the Earth disappearing around her, she still chooses to hold onto the idea of her lover for as long as she can before they both vanish with the rest of the world. In the short story, “You. Disappearing” by Alexandra Kleeman, the narrator’s first person point of view correlates with her accepting, yet fearful tone to demonstrate how she chooses to cope with the world disappearing before her very eyes. The point of view Kleeman chooses for the narrator helps her audience understand the way she deals with loss. In the short story, “You, Disappearing”, Kleeman’s narrator portrays a first person point of view, giving her readers direct insight on the …show more content…

According to Purdue Owl, “theme is the ‘meaning’ of a story”, which in this particular story, the meaning indicates how one chooses to deal with loss (Purdue Owl). In regards to the narrator’s point of view, the first person point of view in Kleeman’s story relates back to the theme because without knowledge of the narrator’s personal thoughts, the audience appears unable to truly identify how her individual chooses to deal with loss. Also, the narrator’s tone in the story relates to the theme because with tone, the audience not only knows what the narrator thinks, but also how the narrator feels about loss. With knowledge of the narrator’s personal thoughts as well as her feelings, readers can identify what they feel portrays the theme of Kleeman’s

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