Summary: The Salem Witch Trail

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True Story:
The Salem Witch trail took place in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. A group of girls accused of witchcraft, when Reverend Samuel Parris niece and daughter were ill and rumors spread that it was witchcraft. Sarah Osborne, Sarah Goode and Tituba were accused of being around when the girls were doing rituals and made the girls do the rituals. Abigail’s allegations began to grow blaming many innocent people. Tituba confessed which then assured the people that they have indeed the meet or seen the devil and are witches. People all throughout the town started accusing each other for ridiculous unreasonable explanations. Even kids were accused of witchcraft from all ages. John Protors wife was accused of witchcraft about a week later he …show more content…

The morning prior from the night of the girls dancing, girls began to get ill they blamed witchcraft for the illness. The town decided to call reverend Hale someone who deals with the supernatural, when he arrives, he examined the ill girls, but found nothing supernatural about it until he asked around and revered Samuel Parris admits to seeing his niece Abigail, dancing in the forest with her friends. Reverend Hale demanded that Abigail gives up the names of all the girls who were in the forest at the time. The girls denied of any witchcraft because Abigail violently threatened them. Abigail then admits to seeing the devil and that they were doing rituals, but that she did not want to she then blamed it on Parris’s slave Tituba, Abigail said that she obligated her to. Abigail then tells John Proctor (a man she had been having an affair with in the past) that the ill girls had nothing to with witchcraft. Elizabeth tells John to tell Reverend Hale what she had said, but he claimed that they would not believe him. The girls then started blaming innocent people of witchcraft from all ages claiming they saw the devil with them. There were many people who were hung pleading that they had nothing to do with witchcraft. John Proctor then grew tired of the accusations the girls so wrongfully laid upon innocent people. He

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