Supernatural Motifs In Pilat Pilate

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Pilate’s motif of being supernatural contributes to her role as a mentor to Milkman’s development by being more knowledgeable than most, therefore helping him mature into a man. Pilate is a mentor to Milkman. “[…] and more important, he would have learned not to fool with anything that belonged to Pilate, who never bothered anybody, was helpful to everybody, but who also was believed to have the power to step out of her skin, set a bush afire from fifty yards, and turn a man into a ripe rutabaga, all on account of that fact that she had no navel (94).” This quote shows how Pilate’s ability to mentor Milkman comes from her supernatural powers stemming from the fact that she does not have a belly button. The quote characterizes Pilate as kind and helpful, qualities that help Milkman become more thoughtful of his relationships with others.
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