Supreme Court Cases Pros And Cons

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Did you know that before 1963, under Florida Law, that you might have to defend yourself to the courts if you can’t afford a lawyer? That before 1966 the police did not have to read you your rights? Over the years, the Supreme Court has expanded and interpreted our basic individual rights into something more than what is stated in our written Constitution. Many cases like Miranda v. Arizona, Texas v. Johnson, and Gideon v. Wainwright, have showed the Supreme Court that our freedoms must be broadened and made clear. There are many cases that have been taken to Supreme Court which have strengthened our liberties. For example, in the case Miranda v. Arizona, Ernesto Miranda was arrested and the officer did not read him his rights, like the right to remain silent. As a result, he eventually produced a written and signed confession to the crime. This case expanded our 5th and 6th…show more content…
Additionally, in the Texas v. Johnson case, Joey Johnson organized a group of protesters and marched to Dallas City Hall. Upon arrival, Johnson soaked the American flag in gasoline and lit it on fire. He was then arrested under the Texas law that one is not allowed to vandalize a respected object. His case was taken to Supreme Court and it was decided that his 1st amendment right was infringed. The Supreme Court broadened our 1st amendment right by making it clear that Freedom of Speech is not limited to words, but symbolic actions are included in that right. Finally, this last case, Gideon v. Wainwright, helped strengthen our 6th amendment right. Clarence Earl Gideon broke into a Florida pool hall and stole some beverages and about $5. He was arrested and informed the officers he could not afford a lawyer.
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