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In the article Susan Senator tries to make the readers aware of how addictive the internet and social-media can be by using her own story as an example. Mrs. Senator mentions how research shows the connection between internet use and children’s drop in reading. To that she adds an example with her son, who does not read too many books despite her and her husband’s efforts to find him novels. “There are distractions.”, and they often consist of the internet and social-media. Change makes many people anxious. Susan Senator rationalizes the fear of the change, technology threatens to conjure on modern culture and reading. The fear of change has always been present, therefore, it might not be as crucial as some make it up to be. She empathizes …show more content…

Senator has a logical main point and her arguments have reasonable basis, even though she justifies most of her arguments with her own experiences. There are a lot of studies and rumours regarding teenagers’ use of the internet and the social-media’s supposed threat to the young people’s ability to concentrate. Most adults do not have experiences with the internet and social media from a young age, but teenagers these days do. As Susan Senator implies, it is hypocritical of adults to worry so much about young people’s internet use, while not considering their own at all. Underestimating the youth’s comprehension of what the social-media involves is insulting and degrading. It bears witness to just how much faith adults have in young people. Both adults and young people need a big portion of self-control if they want to avoid a net abuse. If the social-media is used appropriately, it can be a way to stay in contact with old schoolmates, friends and family. Young people often use social-media sites like Facebook to discuss school related subjects and arrange social gatherings, therefore, they will have difficulties being a part of the community if they do not use the social-media. It can also be a sanctuary for those who are socially awkward, lonely and victims of bullying. Although using the social media as a refuge is not necessarily terrible, said refuge might develop into an addiction, which is highly problematic. The social-media can be used in a good way, thus, the problem must lie with the people using it. People should keep the phrase, moderation in all things, in the back of their minds, when using the social-media. The social-media is to be used in appropriate quantities and one should never let the use of a social-media site be the cause of

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