Effective Use Of Symbolism In Sweat By Hurston

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Hurston’s use of symbolism creates a dynamic piece of literature that can be looked at through multiple lenses. The symbolism in Sweat is somewhat overt, making it difficult to not be noticed. There is a heavy use of religious metaphor, tying the story back to the story of Adam and Eve from the Christian bible. This gives the piece a personal touch, showing us that Hurston has a strong spiritual connection. It also helps to add a whole other layer, creating a depth to the story that would not otherwise be accessible. Especially with the use of such symbols as the snake, which does tempt Delia in the end away from her good Christian values. Even at the beginning of the story, Hurston introduces Sykes who comes into the house with a whip, showing in few words the power that he believes he holds within his home. Through the symbolism of Sykes grinding …show more content…

Hurston consistently uses these types of symbolism to show an overarching theme, as well as particulars of the story. The language used by Hughes in Mother To Son is the perfect way that he adds a personal, accessible touch to the poem. By using such phrases as “I’se still climbin’” Hughes shows the his own mother’s specific way of talking, which is a great way to connect with the readers (Hughes, n.d.). This use of vernacular can inspire empathy, while still keeping the truth within the art. Hughes has a much more subtle, and easy to understand, way of using vernacular within his poem Mother To Son, while Hurston has a much more intense way of using colloquial speech in her character’s dialogue within Sweat. In fact, at times the story is difficult to read, one may even need to read the dialogue aloud in order to understand the colloquial speech. After reading through, or reading aloud, one begins to pick up on the heavy accents that are attributed through the different ways of spelling. Such as “Ah” instead of I

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