Symbolism In Liliana Heker's The Stolen Party

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Everyone has been in a position where they were mislead. Two bags that held toys symbolised acceptance. In The Stolen Party, Liliana Heker uses Lusiana’s party to symbolize Rousara’s life. “... you are not a friend of Luciana…” (Heker, 2) Luciana’s cousins’ words had symbolized the same Rousara’s mother had said to her. As much as symbolism may help the story, some think that tone is more important. During the story, Liliana Heker uses tone to show Rousara’s life better. “ … she rummaged in her purse. In her hand appeared two bills.” (Heker, 5) Rousara had gone to the party to show that she was more than the maid’s daughter; this event had shown how she was viewed by others. In The Stolen Party, Liliana Heker uses Luciana’s party to symbolize …show more content…

“ … you are not a friend of Luciana…” (Heker, 2) This statement has shown how Rousara’s life is symbolised through Luciana’s party. On page two, paragraph eleven, Luciana’s cousin had questioned the friendship between Luciana and Rousara. During this section, the way Rousara was questioned, was the exact same way her mother did. Liliana Heker uses symbolism many times throughout her story.
As much as symbolism helps the story, others argue that using tone is more vital. “I’ll die if I don’t go…” (Heker, 1) The main character had expressed how much she wanting to feel accepted through tone, instead of a form of symbolism. “Thank you for all your help, my.” (Heker, 5) Senora Ines had shown how she viewed Rousara. Symbolism does help the story, but using tone is a major key.
Even though tone is the main focus point of the story, symbolism shines more light on Rousara’s life. “ … she rummaged in her purse. In her hand appeared two bills.” (Heker, 5) Throughout the story, all Rousara wanted was to be accepted. Getting a toy from one of the bags would mean that she was accepted as someone other than the maid’s daughter. In paragraphs sixteen and seventeen, the magician’s show had taken place. The magician’s monkey was working at the party, but just thought it was for fun; like Rousara not knowing that she was actually working the party. During the story, tone was a major key, but symbolism was the main focal

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