Symbolism In Rain Reign By Ann M Martin

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Sometimes life can be hard for those that aren’t “normal”, but then again, who is? In the book Rain Reign, a very important symbol that the author, Ann M. Martin, was trying to show readers is that Rain represents hopen and strength.. Rose is a twelve year old in fifth grade. She has Asperger’s syndrome or autism so she had to start school later. Living with only a father, life is hard for her with little money to afford comfort items and such. On the bright side, she has a dog named Rain. One day, Hurricane Susan came along and Rain got lost. Finding Rain, looking for Rain’s original owners, and parting with Rain. Throughout the book, Rain is a symbol of strength and hope that gets Rose through these tough times. The first display of hope and strength Rain instills in Rose is after Hurricane Susan when Rain is lost. Rose comes up with a plan in this piece of text “‘It’s my plan for finding Rain.’ I show him and Weldon the circles and my lists. ‘I’ll start calling the shelters in the smallest circle and work my way out,’ I say.” (page 120) This shows that even though Rose is very upset that Rain is lost, she’s willing to push through that and work hard to find Rain. Another time when Rose stays strong because of the search for Rain is when Rose could find no shelters that had Rain, she …show more content…

Kushel, as played out, here, “‘The article worked,’ I say. ‘Yes, it did. Would you like to know how Rain got separated from the Hendersons?’” (page 196) This reinforces the fact that Rose has strength and is willing to return Rain to her original home as Olivia. A final instance of Rose’s display of perseverance is when Rain is finally returned to the Hendersons. Rose didn’t cop out of giving Rain back. She went through, showing how much she cared. Sometimes you have to give up personal gain for the good of

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