Symbolism In The Hobbit

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In the book The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien there are various of important events, text structures, and author’s craft moves that show significance throughout the book. Throughout the next paragraphs, I will be explaining how all these components add up to show complex themes, and why they are important.
An important event that shows significance, is when Gandalf asks Bilbo to go on an adventure with him and the dwarfs. Even though Bilbo turns down Gandalf’s offer, he eventually comes around and goes on this adventure anyways; this is the beginning to how Bilbo develops into a hero. Now I’m thinking that the reason why this is the first event to Bilbo’s coming of age is because, even though Gandalf practically dragged Bilbo into this, in fact, he did, Bilbo still could’ve rejected his offer and refused to go, however, Bilbo goes on this adventure anyways. This shows that Bilbo is developing into a hero by going on an adventure he
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In The Hobbit, you can see multiple symbols that show significance, but I will only be talking about one, the magical invisibility ring Bilbo stole from Gollum. Just this object alone can symbolize three different meanings; the first meaning the ring could symbolize, is a home for Gollum. I’m thinking that since Gollum is all alone in this abandoned cave, the only thing that he really possess, is the invisibility ring. Now I understand that this ring seems to be his most prized possession and a home for him/a reason to live. Ever since Bilbo stole it from him, it seemed as if he didn’t know what to do because he wasn’t protecting his ring anymore. Something I just realized is that, wherever this ring may go, it seems that Gollum with follow until he gets it back. A complex theme that supports this idea is: when characters only have one small item left to hold on to, that can become their most prized possession a long with a home/place where that character
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