Symbolism In The Veldt By Ray Bradbury's The Veldt?

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As time has gone on, technology has become an increasingly large part of our lives. The advances that have been made in technology are stunning, and it is only going to continue to develop. While the thought is scary and hard to accept, one day, technology will be able to do everything that we that we can do, and more. In the story “The Veldt” by Ray Bradbury, the idea of technology becoming better than man is emphasised by the author 's use of symbolism, imagery and syntax. make introduction little bit longer.

The “smart house” in the story is used as a symbol to show technology can take over from man. The house can be a better parent than George and Lydia can, and it shows how technology can take over from man. Essentially, the house can do everything that George and Lydia can (and more). It is so advanced that it makes George and Lydia seem like useless parents. The house can do anything from giving the kids a bath, cook food and even clean up the house. Bradbury writes, “So George Hadley, bemused, sat watching the dining-room table produce warm dishes of food from its mechanical interior”. While it might seem like a luxury with only advantages, the children become appreciative of the house for everything and as a result, take their parents for granted. The parents are not given the respect and love that they deserve. The house acts like a third parent throughout the story and symbolises technology taking over from man, hence the children form a connection with the

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