Synthesis Of Bromination Of Stilbene Dibromide

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Bromination is the process where an alkene is halogenated with bromine. The purpose of this experiment was bromination of stilbene to stilbene dibromide. The element bromine is toxic and requires maximum care when used. Bromine was generated in the reaction mixture by using a green method. Less hazardous reagents were used to do so. This can be seen by the chemical reaction 2HBr+H_2 O_2→〖Br〗_2+2H_2 O. Hydrogen peroxide is used to oxidize HBr to 〖Br〗_2. By adding hydrogen peroxide this can make working with bromine less dangerous. This experiment is a greener approach to the bromination process because ethanol was used as a solvent. Ethanol is nontoxic making the experiment less harmful. 0.5202g of stilbene and 10mL of ethanol were added

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